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Residential customers rely on Mario and Mario Landscaping to provide quality landscaper service, lawn care service, and full masonry service, amongst other services. Our comprehensive landscaping services and extensive experience on residential sites in Camp Verde, AZ and Chino City, AZ, allows for us to provide reliable irrigation system installations, tree trimming, and gardening services to a variety of sites, ranging in size and complexity. We will give you an estimate and give you our honest opinion about what we feel would be most aesthetically pleasing and safest to you and your guests. 

We take pride in having a sincere, dependable team, as it makes our company one of the most reliable. We encourage you to communicate with our wonderful team of experienced workers and explain to them how you would like your final layout to appear. So please, don't be shy! Pictures and photographs of what you have in mind are also greatly beneficial to clarify exactly what you're looking for. This way, there will be no questions about whether or not we are all on the same page.


You'll definitely want to try one of our landscaping services. We enjoy helping people transform their lifeless yard into a beautiful space that they are always eager to come home to. Your yard will look more than amazing. It will be a place that will bring you hours of relaxation and fun. We have created a company culture that is unique in its ability to deliver the latest innovations and timeless design trends. We possess the landscaping experience, staff, and equipment to create a landscape to suit your needs now and to grow with you in the years to come.
We are the most affordable landscaping service around. At Mario and Mario Landscaping, we really make an effort to keep costs down for you. We understand that this type service is a convenience and we always ensure that we will provide service that is both efficient and comfortable for you. Our philosophy is that if you, the customer, are not satisfied with us then we cannot be satisfied. We, here at Mario and Mario Landscaping, believe a negative experience will reflect poorly upon our business and we do whatever it takes to avoid such problems. We only wish to please you and to be at your service! 

Mario and Mario Landscaping has locations in ten Arizona cities for your convenience. Stop by and visit us today!

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